Thank you for the reply.


Thank you for the reply. Although, not sure how much it did help.
I’m not questioning your or anyone’s expertise as I have not used even one single microphone myself, except integrated mics. I never had the interest to buy a mic that is bigger, better and more expensive than my camera. Now that I finally have a camera that is capaple of nice video but my excitement was immediately crushed because of the audio that sucks in my videos…

And unfortunately, no, it wouldn’t be for b-roll or dual system or production with actually having someone helping me, unfortunately. At this point the whole video I will ever have would be what my camera + mic combination gives me.
Without press card and any kind of permission I don’t dare to build my setup _too_ professional looking. Not every concert allows even taking pics. A miced DSLR on gorillapod stand shouldn’t be too terrible for events that allow DSLRs in general I think, though… Sound guys with boom poles and me with a large camera would be a different story in most situations…

I did read many concert related threads on this forum but I didn’t find anything that ended helping in my decision even though I learned something about more advanced possibilites and such.

But, to your answer: I don’t know why exactly stereo. Many web pages seem to recommend mics like Rode Videomic Pro, Rode NTG4 and Sennheiser 600 etc, stating that the PA are mostly pushing mono out anyway.
Also, this video:
made me afraid of that stereo vs shotgun comparison by showing the possibility of hearing the people on right and left more so than the band. After all, it’s the music I’m trying to capture.

In case I turn into needing stereo the Sennheiser MKE 440 might be strong contender as it’s dual shotgun. So it’s supposedly both, stereo and directional. Hard to find much information on how it performs because it’s not been out for long, though. However one video kind of gave the impression that it’s not blocking the sides all that well and therefore not so directional after all, while another video also had the Sennheiser MKE 600 mono shotgun that had better quality at the same price point, neither having the cheapest possible price point.

Very frustrating to wander around in circles with this. I’m very sure I could pick the right mic if only I had at least some experience.
Right now I’m thinking of buying the Rode VideoMic Pro (mono mini shotgun) because it’s so popular, not huge and doesn’t break the bank.
But then I immediately turn into thinking of Sennheiser MKE 440 (stereo dual mini shotgun) for it’s stereo, but I don’t know about it’s sound quality (even compared to the cheap Rode VideoMic Pro) as it’s hard to find comparisons that convince me… and I can’t help but think that mono mics like Sennheiser MKE 600 and Rode NTG4+ have similar pricing to MKE 440 and supposedly have better sound quality even if only mono.

I don’t really know how exactly cardioid polar mics do their stuff but at least it seems like the Rode STEREO VideoMic Pro and Rode Stereo VideoMic X are out because of that pattern not being so useful in the use I described. But even about this, I’m not sure if they’re perfect or not. Heh…
And then there are tons of other brands I haven’t even looked all that much into. Like Audio Technica and Azden…
Very confusing…

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