Thank you for the reply


Thank you for the reply Paulears. It is very much appreciated. I can’t wait to have my first experience of recording video footage on to a memory card so that i can see what i have been missing all this time. I still have some reservations though about iMovie 08 and how much data it can comfortably process in one go ? I always found with the tape recording process that it was better to download small one or two minute segments of footage to iMovie 08 rather than try to download the whole lot of video footage in one go. I can’t help thinking compatibility is a key consideration when looking to possibly upgrade to a more expensive and capable camcorder. Perhaps you could answer another question if you wouldn’t mind ? Suppose i had a camcorder with an 8GB memory card and i was able to use all 8GB in a single video recording. Could i then import all 8GB of footage straight into iMovie 08 or is there a limit to the size of video data file that can be imported at any one time ? I know whenever imported large chunks of video footage in to iMovie 08, large chunks being about 20 minutes of video recording, it seemed to affect the overall performance of my laptop. It then became a bit of a race to edit the footage in order to reduce the size of the imported video footage and to then get the edited video finished as quickly as possible so that i could export the finished video out of iMovie 08. I think what i need is a ‘VideoMaker Mentor’ !

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