Thank you for the in


 Thank you for the info.  I have already gone ahead and purchased the HDC-SD40s and like you said, it would be a stretch to call them HD.  Not sure if I have the setting wrong but I’ve found that they seem to have somewhat of a narrow field of view.  The macro setting is pretty cool but using a tri pod is a must.  I’ve found when looking at the test footage that the camera will focus in sharp on one shot the the rest will fade just a bit.  This stands to be quite a problem if subjects face isn’t the focus point it will ruin the shot.  I’ll be looking into the HDC-SD800 for sure.

I only paid $150 a piece for the sd40s and can use them for filming my day time jobs blasting operations.  So they’re not a total loss.

I was planning on placing the HMC up on the chior loft to follow the bride down the aisle and then stay fixed on the couple during the ceremony.  I guess I’ll use the SD’s to catch the crowd and bride from the angles you mentioned.

Just stinks that my HMC when decked out will be hidden up high, but with the sanctuary being so large its the only cam I have that will catch the whole room and still be able to fill the frame with the couple during the ceremony.


Thanks again for the info.  This all helps a lot and is very much appreciated.

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