Thank you for responding.

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Thank you for responding. I haven’t tried new tapes – I had to return the camera before I knew the problem was so extensive. I have asked them to run a tape for a full hour on their camera tosee if it does the same. I haven’t heard back from them as yet. I would imagine that it would be in their best interests to check it out, in case it is the camera.

My next issue will be how to link all these files in a project. In some parts, I have over 100 files all one (1) frame each !!! Other sections run for 5 secs, others 2.2 secs, others 8 secs, etc etc … Again, I should reiterate, this all starts at about 52-53 minutes into the tape, so 6-7 minutes of PowerPoint slides may be a bit too much.

I’m thinking of dumping all these broken up files into a project and then adding a very short transition (0.1 sec)to see if that will take the “jump / skip transition” out. Alternatively, inserting PowerPoint slides in lieu of all the skipping video may do the job.

I’ll keep you informed. An other input or ideas are welcome.

Over and out.

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