“Thank you everybody for a


“Thank you everybody for all or your replies and information! I will
probably start a new thread on what is the best HD Camera to get for
Vegas next week. I just want to take it one day at a time and just let
it happen.”


You’re welcome for whatever small contribution I may have made to your search for answers. Oh and the guy who suggested Vegas over Avid is correct on some points and not on others. Just to name a few if you want to load your software and get rolling with professional edits for less than 2k on software, the Sony pro suite is the 500lb gorilla in the room (Vegas Pro, Sound Forge, Acid, Cinescore.) Provided you have a computer constructed specifically for video editing that makes Vegas a stronger choice. With the Vegas suite you can do some pretty strong broadcast quality post-work hands down. For more serious finishing work you will need some third-party programs like AFX, Boris and Zaxwerks to do solid motion graphics work. You can ‘getto’ your way through mographic work with many of the tools in Vegas using keyframes and bezier’ curves however, but it’s way more work and it takes buttloads of skill just to make something that is passable. Lot’s of pro’s use Vegas (me being one) so it’s definitely the real deal. Avid however, can go places and do things Vegas is yet to go. Not only can you do small scale productions with Avid, you can go full on decamillion budget extravaganza with it (despite what the FCP weenies say, most movies get cut on Avid. The first Digital Films and the first fully HD films got cut on Avid not FCP.) Why? Because Avid has the built-in tools and support hardware to do those things. The drawback for the small-scale operator? Money. Though an Avid array is infinitely more affordable these days (I remember when you couldn’t look at a barebones Media Composer rig for less than $50k) at the lowest level they’re still a significant expense ($10k just for MC software and a Mojo DX converter alone.) When Vegas can support hardware acceleration, do full RT effects natively, and can fully support online networked arrays it will have fully arrived. I do look forward to that day, I just hope they remember to keep it affordable!

Actually, you don’t need to start a thread for which cameras to use with Vegas. Upfront the best cameras for Vegas are Sony cameras. Out of the box Vegas has full support for all of their digital based cameras. Probably way more with Vegas than FCP. However, most of the major prosumer and pro brand cameras are supported by Vegas. We use JVC and Canon with no prob. I hear Vegas 9 now has support for Red One in 2K. Plus Vegas supports nearly all of the other available formats from mini-dv to XDCAM HD. So your choice of camera will fall squarely within your circle of budget, skillset and creativity no matter what brand.

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