Thank you Endeavor. Would


Thank you Endeavor. Would you mind if I asked you some more questions? I would also love to hear the answers from others out there who do video for money.

1. What brand of media do you use?
2. Do you ever use Duel Layer?
3. What burner do you use?
4. What editing program do you use?
5. When you make the Disc, what audio settings do you use? (PCM? MPA?)
6. When you make an AVI, what setting do you use for compression? (DV Video encoder, DIVX, Cinepac, etc?)
7. In Studio, when making a disc, what advanced settings should be chosen?
– VBR or CBR bit rate?
– Progressive encoding/ Always re-encode entire movie/ Enforce strict DVD compatibility?

I know that is a lot of questions, but I just need to make sure I am doing this right, and if anyone can add their two cents it would be valuable to me, and I’m sure to thers.


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