Thank you, Earl. I’m enjoy


Thank you, Earl. I’m enjoying the conversation as well. I visited your website, updated my Quick-time plug-inand was very impressed with the variety and high quality of both your website and well-edited videos. Is there no way to view wmv files using Windows Media on a Mac? I would hate to think that Mac users are stuck with postage-size images of myWindows Mediavideo files.

You seem to be doing very well in the areas you have chosen toapply your videoproduction talents and website skills, andprobably make more money at it than you wouldfollowing Fred Liight’s billing adviceforselling real estate videos. One of the main reasons I chose the real estate market to concentrate on exclusively is thatother video markets seem to be saturated with professionals such as yourself and the competition would leave me in the lower income range anyway.

The other main reasonandmotivation forshowingvideo clips of real estateon the Internet is that there ispractically noediting involved other than trimmingand arranging them insequential order for website presentation on a bulletin board like I use. Short clips load faster and can be quickly removed if the owner or broker does not like one.Knowing next to nothing about website design and html I simply have to change the names of the video files in the original html template which my home page designer gave me in order to ftp videos onto my website server. It’s not a complicated process at all and if I can do it I don’t see why even a rankamateur cannot.

I’ve dispensed with the idea of putting real estate videos on DVD’s unless specifically requested to do so by an owner or broker because of the transient nature of advertising and promoting the rental or sale of real estate. Who needs memories of a propertywhen it wasbeing rented or sold? Of course, I save all my videos on DVD’s after uploading them but even that is not necessary since I can download them from the unlimited space provided my webhosting service anytime.

Iappreciate the opportunity to share this information with other posters on the forums and look forward to linking up to any real estate videos they have made or intend to. Admittedly,real estateis a narrow scope upon which to focus one’s lensesbut if in addition to other markets you should happen to see some properties for rent or salein your neighborhoodand get an exteriorshot or two of them up on a website Ishall be delighted to list yourprofessional video production services in the great state of California on my exclusive bulletin board for U.S. real estate videographers.

Needless to say, any videographer with a bulletin board on the Internet can post, list andlink to, whatever video services they choose to offer.

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