Thank you designcbts ..and


Thank you designcbts ..anddoublehamm ! I really appreciate your help.

OK, so .. I have captured with the MPEG setting and the raw videois an .m2v file. Looks great !
Now, a new challenge: Im trying to make this 20-minute video project burn onto a DVD. I know I can use SD 4.7 Gb DVDs for a 20 video. Id like to know, doublehamm, since you have Pinnacle experience, how exactly should I burn thisin order to end up withtrue 1080 HD video ? I cannot seem to get a DVD withHD video to fillmy entire widescreen TV ! There are always those black margins at top and bottom. I even tried makiing the file first, as an MPEG .. or a 1920 x 1080 wmv file .. then burn that to a DVD. Alas, nothing is working. Help, please ?

Thanks !


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