Thank you Brandon!! On my


Thank you Brandon!! On my other post with your answer I thanked you all over the place!! You are a life saver!! Could you tell me though two things about the program: 1. After the 30 days will the file converter tool be left in use? 2. And all my MP3 file icons turned to the Windows Media Player icon, why? If you can answer, thanks ahead of time! Barbara

Before I answer, let me make sure of a couple things:

1. Are you exporting a video in MPEG4 then putting that into the conversion software?
2. Or are you exporting just the audio line of the video as some random audio format like PCM,WAV,etc?

In answer to your question regarding all of your MP3 icons changing to Windows Media…

Just follow these instructions to change it back to what ever it was before.

Open a folder
-> Click “TOOLS”
-> Click “FILE TYPE” tab
-> Scroll down the list till you see MP3.
-> Hightlight it and click change (to change the program associated with that file type).
-> Then click okay and that’s pretty much it.

Regarding the 30 day trial…

The audio file conversion still works after the 30 day as do most of the basic normal functions. Since I think you are converting a video file to extract the audio, I’m not sure about that functionality. I’ve never tried that before.

THe advanced features cease to workafter the 30 days. But I’m not sure if that is considered an advanced feature.

Hope this helps.

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