Thank you both very much.


Thank you both very much. I can’t tell you how much this helps. I’ve been to way to many forums full of very immature and annoying people who aren’t any help at all.

This is my website for any of you guys to take a look at and critique. The primary samples for clients are on the main page, which I’ve been getting steady interest with. And I have business cards too, and I’ve been handing them out to as many people as I can.

Direct mail marketing sounds like something that would really help. Would yellow pages be a valid source for having numbers to call about my services? Or is there another number that businesses should have for that sort of thing?

Also, am I reasonably priced as far as my general production rates go? I didn’t really have much to go off of until I was asked to assist an editor on a CrossFit Regionals broadcast and was paid about $500 a day for that weekend since I was the first local editor they could find.

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