thank you both for your in


thank you both for your input.

from what was said and after reviewing the specs on the 503 head it seems like it will be worth the extra money to go that route insead of the 501. also considering that this peice of equiptment will last a long time it seems appropriate to spend the extra money and get something i will be satisfied with, and not wanting to upgrade shortly down the road. what about the legs i mentioned, 745b, are thoes good or is there another set that would be better?

paulears, can you clarify what the other light kits you are talking about, i am not familiar with the terms or kits you mentioned.

the kit i was looking at only costs $200 so i was thinking for the money it may be decent, but i could be wrong. like i said the lights i have expierience using are way out of my price range so i am pretty clueless as to what is available for someone on a lower budget. any other opinions on this light kit or suggestions would be very helpful.

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