Thank you both for your go


Thank you both for your good responses! What I am guessing, how I would set it up is, I would contact lets say the dance organization that is holding the Dance Competition that have let says 800 Participants, I would have to pay .40 cents a head, so I would have to pay the organization $320 to get the exclusive rights to shoot the Dance Competition. I would then have the organization put up signs and tell the audience to not videotape any of the Competition. So in a sense, My Target Audience would be the parents of the kids performing, so I would have a lot more close ups than if I was shooting for the Organization where I would be a little bit more broad with wide shots, some medium, and less close ups to get the routines. I would then charge the parents for each performance that their kids is in and the more performances they buy the cheaper the price will go down on each performance.

I should have included this in the beginning, opps my bad. With what I just put, would that have changed both of your responses in some fashion?

One more thing, don’t worry about me using you guys as legal counsel. If anybody tried to have a forum thread as evidence for any case in court, I bet the Judge would start laughing and say you are barking up the wrong tree. I will most definitely go see a lawyer on this, but for now I am trying to get an idea of what I am looking for in a contract, so I don’t waste the lawyer’s time and my time and money.

Also, would you think I would be covered under the Dance Organization’s ASCAP License if i had it set up that way?

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