Thank you all for your ver


Thank you all for your very thoughtful reponses. I had no idea about the exclusivity clause, so that’s great. And it’s also good to know that I did the right thing by being totally honest with her upfront, because when she was saying she was going with someone else (or rather, in addition to me) I was kicking myself. I wouldn’t have lied, ever, but I was thinking I shouldn’t had been so vocal about lack of wedding experience. So I did the right thing from the beginning. Good.

I honestly think, and we’ve had several email exchanges since then, that our rapport + my reiterating my other qualifications had a lot to do with her changing her mind (and it turns out she was just looking, she had not hired anyone yet). Plus, I believe my supreme confidence (arrogance??) in myself with also beneficial. I actually told her, that I really didn’t think she was going to find anyone better than me in the state of Alabama (this wedding is in Birmingham). So I honestly think everything is cool on that end, and I’m just going to ask for my cost tape, DVD, since I started that way to begin with (that’s for that advice too). This is probably going to end up costing me a small fortune, but hey, now, it’s time to call dear old Dad! (I wish I were kidding about that).

Now can I do it, THAT is the question. I’m going to buy a second camera (already had that in the works) and then maybe hire a student (maybe even two) so very preferably with their own cameras to help. What do you guys think about that? And then spend a small fortune of my father’s money (I hope, I hope).

What I keep thinking is that I really do want this to be perfect, not just because I’m a perfectionist and I really do, but also to impress her sister. I DEFINITELY plan on giving her sister my thesis screenplay (after the festivities of course, as I leave, or maybe as the bride herself to do it) and no matter how much she likes my screenplay (remember, I’m first and foremost a writer), she’s going to hate me if her sister’s video sucks.

Sorry, guys, for writing such books here. I am so grateful for your input and feel like we’re all good friends, really.

Any more advice is appreciated and I’m sure I’ll be asking more technical questions as we go along, so forgive me in advance for being such a pest.



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