Thank you all for your tim


Thank you all for your time and effort. What I would like to add as rarobles indicated, spyware or adware taking up usage on the memory was, I am not sure for adware but for the spyware, my computer is strictly for video editing. That means no internet connection to it. Every now and then I add up third party effects, titling, audio and other softwares. As per compusolver, at first – it was ok and running well until very recent. One last point though, I have lots of unknown files like with an .exe? extensions. A while ago I tried to delete some of these files and created some hiccups on the performance. Per tpainter ,Also, do you have any idea and when you preview/rendered your final movie what do you do or on what format should be saved to use as a future reference when you delete the raw footage of same project. In short, would it be possible to save final movie on the computer while raw footage deleted in order to save some HD space? as always, thank you.

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