Thank you all for your res


Thank you all for your responses. You are correct…. event photography and I have done some infomercials on a small order basis that are delivered on DVD to the clients. I love the low light capability of the Sony’s especially for weddings. I have the computer power to handle HD and I use all Sony computer equipment because of the easy integration with my Sony VX model cameras. I have never tried to integrate a different model camera such as the Canon using my Sony computers but they are all running XP Pro and hopefully my Sony computers won’t play unfair when using a Canon video camera to firewire my video in to Adobe Premiere Pro 2. I have the HD TV and a Toshiba HD DVD player but not the burner……. and I am still somewhat confused regarding which HD format will be the ultimate winner! So now it is down to the Sony FX1 or the Canon……? PS….. I love the multi camera feature of Pro2!!!!!

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