Thank you all for your res


Thank you all for your responses.

In checking out your suggestions;


I found a source for your Picture Motion Browser program. Its downloaded in 4 parts in RAR format. It appears to be a series of ISO files so it will be a fun puzzle to figure out how to get them installed. It will be interesting to see if it can help with my issue.


In looking around I find that Adobe Bridge is not available in a stand-alone program . It appears to be a part of several of Adobe’s other software packages including Creative suite series. I will need to decide if purchasing one of these packages is the path I can take.


I found Photo Manager and gave it a try. It seems to be unable to see my .mts files. I have all the video format file extensions checked in its list and still no luck. I do like the GUI for it though and hope there is an update available that can fix my problem.


I wish I had the talent to create that style of database. It sounds like a great resource for file management. $600+ is a little steep for me to consider at this time to try to find someone that can do something like it for me.

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