Thank you all for your


Thank you all for your sharing your experience, thoughts and comments (so very sorry not to have responded sooner).  


I also did do some further research on my own and indeed came to similar understanding regarding the FAT32 bugaboo and now understand that I should NOT just copy the card or I will be sorry…


Henceforth, will utilize the Sony Content Management Utility to join the files, and, or use the MPEG StreamClip (which works great!).  Luis, I haven't tried the importing file structure directly but that is an excellent suggestion as well.  I use Sandisk Extreme SDHC cards and they are Class 10 cards… haven't had opp to locate a faster card to experiment with.  Peter et al what card do you use or recommend?  I do action – equine sports specifically. 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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