Thank you!


Thank you for your input, WSanford! 


I feel I started real strong with a storyline, but by the end it was lost.  If any, where did the story end and the, "lets just add cool clips of planes flying by!" begin?  In hindsight, I feel the color portion ended up being just that.  I started nice and slow, with engines starting, planes taxiing, photographs of them parked, etc. then moved on to focusing on the axis aircraft.  After the fade to black and the change of music my idea was to add a sense of drama and action by showing Axis and Allied aircraft, in particular the tail-chase scenes to look like a mock dogfight.  The BW portion was to show how the planes looked in their time, and then the color section was to simply show how spectacular they look now. 


Obviously I want to thrill my target audience, but I also want to entertain and and invite others who may not be as interested in these aircraft as I am to come check these museums out.


I'm actually already working on a second video, and will encorporate the suggestions you've mentioned.  I want to make a really great video that I can show to other museums and shoot promotional videos for them next summer.


Thank you again! 

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