Thank you!


The map idea is great!  Also, it wasn't until just this last weekend that I got some decent shots, and even a time-lapse segment, of the main hangar where most of these birds are heald. 


I intentionally kept the clips close up because Paine Field is absolutely COVERED with unfinished Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 747-8… even the third runway is lined with about eight of the blasted planes!  Seeing all the tails, and airline markings clearly takes away from the clips I had… at least with the BW portion. 


I also like your idea of radio chatter.


Any ideas on how to keep the shots from being reptetitive?  Is it that the passes themselves are repetitive, or would it have been better with more of a variety of aircraft?  Right now I'm stuck on the ground, so my options are pretty limited.  I would have included more of the tanks and cannons firing (they have two German 88mm flak cannons, a German Hetzer tank destroyer and a Soviet T-34 that they operate and fire) but it had a lot of people in the background and every time the cannons fired I jirked. 


Thank you again for your input!  I'm hoping to put the advice I receive from you folks to good use so I can make my own promotional video to (hopefully) get some business from these organizations next summer.

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