Thank Earl for the advice.


Thank Earl for the advice. I will rent the GL2. I also will check out YouTube. Let me correct my earlier post

My desktop (purchased in 2005)- Pentium 4 processor at 2.67GHz. RAM of 512MB, upgradable to 2GB. Read/write DVD drive. Internal drive of 80GB, with an external drive of 160GB.

My laptop (purchased in 2009) – Intel Atom processor at 1.6GHz. RAM of 1.0GB, upgradable to 2GB. No read/write capability.

Question#1: Isn’t it better to be doing all this stuff on my desktop?

Question#2: Regarding the firewire (Im really ignorant on this stuff), is this simply a wire that I buy at Best Buy, for example, and plug one end into the camcorder, the other end into the back of my computer somewhere? Or the other end into my external hard drive? And then press a button of some sort?
Question#3: Do I have to check to see if my system has a video card?
Question#4: How much free space do I need to have on my internal and external hard drives, respectively, before I begin ?
Question #5: Why would the Zoom H2 be best for my situation?

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