TD, This isn’t a ‘NoobQ’ a



This isn’t a ‘NoobQ’ at all. You’re obviously an intermediate ready to move into advanced level work. Really all matteboxes do is help block unwanted light and allow you to use higher end lens filters comprised of high quality glass. They also with the help of a lens adapter, rails and focus support gear facilitate using 35mm lenses for film or video cameras. All both the stuff you mentioned and what I just described are just tools to allow you to get a much more polished and professional look to your work.

Dollys help you to make smooth tracking shots. Cranes and Jibs help give your shots a more ‘3 Dimensional feel’ by allowing you to move the camera smoothly up, down, side-to-side and everything in between. Filters give you different looks or act as protectors (you should have a UV filter on your lens at all times to protect the glass.)

‘Your skills’ will become more advanced as you learn when, where and how to use these other tools. Truthfully, if you don’t have the basics of composition, focus and exposure down, none of that other stuff will help you at all. You asked, “What accessories are needed and which ones are just superlative?” The only real answer I can give you is another question, “What do you want to do?”

BTW, the 110U is a nice camera. We use the 200 and 250 also nice cameras. There’s a deep resevoir of stuff to learn just with what you have. How to get desired looks in camera by adjusting the menu’s and so on. On a recent job, I figured out you can get stereo sound out of one mic just by putting the mic selector switch between the audio 1&2 channel. It’s kind of tricky to get it to work the first time, but once you figure it out, it’s easy. You can’t use it like that with two mics though.

What will get you to the ‘next level’ will be you trying new things and building up your kit. Of course, the more complicated your shots get, your requirements for additional personnel will grow too.

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