TD, Glad you’ve enjoyed th



Glad you’ve enjoyed the thread. Much as I love the VM forums, most times they offer little advanced info for the intermediate and above level participants. Anytime I can pitch a bone out there for you guys to gnaw on I feel like I’ve done my job.

Good to hear about you getting the new rig. Unfortunately, I’ve got so much backlogged work I can’t even think about picking up any new gear right now. However, just like you I’ve made up my mind to pick up a pair of MkII’s once I get clear. With the firmware updates and support gear out now, it really looks like a solid choice for the serious filmmaker and still shooter. I’ve had a chance to play with one briefly and really don’t recommend it for the casual shooter.

My only conundrum is which camera support to get, the redrock or zacuto? Redrock = solid build, modular, light, slightly cheaper full kit. Zacuto, solid build, crazy modular, light, somewhat pricey with or w/o add-ons.

Good luck with your purchases. I hope to get your thoughts in the thread.

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