TD, Funny about you being



Funny about you being a ‘Nikon Guy’. I started my career as a photographer with old-school Canon all manual rigs. Later when working as a phojo, I used higher-end Nikons. Now, I personally owned Canon EOS series cameras since they came out because I could not afford a Nikon at the time. It didn’t take long to recognize that Canon made some ‘effin’ great rigs and I didn’t have to cough up a lung to pay for one. Still liked shooting with the Nikon’s though. Once I started my biz, I just rolled with the Canon’s.

Yeah, the Zacuto’s are a bit on the ‘Transformer’ side of looks. I do like how modular they are though, but you’re right the RDM’s are just as good and cheaper.

I tell you, I love this business but when you get to a certain level it just gets more and more expensive to ‘play in’.

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