Take a look at http://www.


Take a look at http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/forums/ShowMessage.asp?ForumID=4&MessageID=777316 on the Sony Editors Forum.

I haven’t tried Liam’s utility in vers.11.0 but it works like a dream in vers. 8.0, breaking out the PowerPoint presentation into single jpg files.

Search the Sony Forum for username “johnmeyer” and his comments to a question I posed regarding shrinking in Track Motion vs shrinking using Pan/Crop. Its been a while but he had some very useful insight into the pros and cons of both. You can probably get to this by looking for username “JackW” (me) where you can find his information too. I don’t want to comment on this because I’ve forgotten the details — i.e., whether it’s better to crop in Pan/Crop or Track Motion. You might try shrinking using Crop and then positioning in Track Motion to see which works best.

You might also look at the presentation product made by Singular, the same company that produces Plural Eyes. They have a very fine program that combines PowerPoint images and the presenter. At $250 it’s pricy, but it does the trick. We’re about to purchase it for our shop.

We have just wrestled with a five hour presentation in which we received 65 PowerPoint slides that were all but useless; this is a common problem. The slides all used a dark brown figured background with white lettering. The font was 12 point Times New Roman, a font with serifs, with a light gray drop shadow.

When cropped down to fit within the safe-text area the text was almost completely unreadable. We addressed the problem by having the client re-do the PowerPoint using black text on a white background with 18 point Ariel text (sand serif) and no drop shadows. It’s better, but still not perfect.

Finally, you might re-think your project. There’s usually no need to have a PowerPoint slide on screen for more than a few seconds. How about having a full-screen PowerPoint slide with the speaker’s voice over? Or let the slide dominate and do a small picture-in-picture of the speaker.

Good luck with this.


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