You have a nice site.  I think it looks really good.


This is only my opinion and perhaps in your area it is different.


If you are going after business, I would do that and not target brides.  I mean, I would not split up my energy chasing brides because I consider it a poor market in general for video.  This is especially true with the higher priced packages. I just don't think there are tons of brides in the market for higher priced wedding productions (or video productions in general).  Heck, we have trouble moving $1000 wedding productions – 10 years ago it was easy.


I did some investigation by inquring at a ritsy local reception site.  What I found out was that many brides aren't getting productions and the ones that get them get it as an add-on from the photographer.  Makes sense.  The bride is going to hire a photographer regardless, when they add video on as a side item it's a no brainer.  Never mind the fact that it may not be top notch. Educating brides is a lost cause.


Now, you mentioned DSLR, if you have shot weddings that's a different story – you can add the video on like everyone else.  Otherwise, I think the wedding video by itself is a hard pill.


I would target business video and legal.  Unless you have big bucks for advertsing, you're going to have to take the hard road and just introduce yourself and get the word out.  If you go that route I would move the wedding advertising on that site to the background.  If I'm a business, I want to work with a business video company, not a jack of all trades.  Wedding video upfront just puts someone on a different Peg.  Just my opinion.


I guess the funny thing about this whole situation is next time someone asks you if you want to watch their wedding video, you can be assured that the correct answer will be a responding NO.



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