T and M queries: ” I was a


T and M queries:

” I was always under the impression that a direct line from the soundboard is the best option for recording quality sound for my video. A sound pro told me a mike by the speaker would be better. “

In the simplest interpretation of your question, all things being equal, you will get better quality sound directly out of the sound mixer than you will by placing your own mic in front of a speaker. Another question is whether the sound mixer will be ” manned ” or will it be a set-n-forget situation? If you’re getting your sound from the mixer, you do run the risk that some drooling fool will cut your feed inadvertantly, becoming a ” private matter ” between you and him which might not be resolved quickly. If you place a mic in front of the PA speakerand it gets cut off, EVERYone will be aware of it and the situation will be corrected right away.

I made a test video in early February of a small group public concert. I had my digital audio recorder set up at the mixing console ( which was ” set-n-forget ” )to capture the PA mixas a line levelfeed fromthe board. I had the PA speaker/room sound picked up by my camera mic as a reference to sync to in post. As it turned out, a mixture of both tracks was the most pleasing, since the direct board out was too dry and itbenefitted from the addition of a little of the PA speaker/room track. There were also a couple sing-along tunes which wouldn’t have worked very well with only a dry PA feed.The group consisted of 5 musicians and two singers. In retrospect, if I were being paid ( adequately )to do this gig, I would haveused my laptop and 8 channel Firewire interface to record the individual mics to separate channels and do a serious musicmix back in the studio.

Rick Crampton

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