Sweetwater Sound has a PC


Sweetwater Sound has a PC called the Sweetwater Custom Personal Computing PC-PLus: It looks okay for video editing but I wanted to ask you guys what you think. I says in the description that it is not suite for audio production, but would it be okay or suited for video production. Here is the specs for the computer.

CPU: 3.0 GHz Pentium 4

Optical: 18X DVDRW

Hard Drive: 160 GB

RAM: 512MB DDR400

Graphics: Motherboard Integrated

Chipset: SIS 662FX

Audio: AC97 Audio (integrated on motherboard)

Ethernet: 10/100

Form Factor: Micro ATX Tower

Power Supply: 350 Watt

OS: Windows XP Home

Package includes: System, Keyboard & Mouse, Speakers

I have emailed my Sales Rep. to see if has USB and FireWire ports on it.

Sweetwater does carry and have in stock ADS Tech Pyro Link A/V. I was thinking of getting these to get me started back up for my video production business.

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