Sweet! I hope things keep


Sweet! I hope things keep going well as you increase your rates. After all, you put alot of effort into this business and you deserve to make market rates. I just started this year too. I’m also kinda broke but after doing a few free jobs for friends and aquaintences (sp?) I went a different route. By this spring I should be priced among the higher end of the market. I am booking less jobs but I prefer getting what I am worth and slowly building my referral business. Seems to be working so far, I estimate I will be booked solid (by solid I mean probably 30-40 weddings) for next year. That may be a generous guess but as long as I am getting steady work I will be happy. After all, you get in this business because you love it right? Heck, if I could afford it, I would do this for free!

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