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To use a euphemism, ‘You’re trying to polish a turd….’ Sounds worse than your footage actually looks. Since I don’t know what camera you used, I can say the ‘grain’ isn’t that bad for a web-only clip. Next time white balance for the ambient light (that lovely red-yellow tint on everything shows you didn’t.) If you just wanted to see the talent, then the exposure is good enough. Really, the grain is coming from your camera trying to do an approximate exposure, I would guess that you had it on auto exposure as well. There are only two reasons to use autoex (1) during a live event in which you transition from outdoors to indoors in one shot and (2) your camera is not capable of manual exposure. Same rules apply to auto white balance. Also, if you’re using your gain settings to compensate for low light grain comes with it.

Next time light your subject and do a proper white balance / exposure and watch the grain disappear. Take these steps while you’re on-set and you won’t need plug-ins to ‘fixitinpost’.

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