SVIDEO is analog connectio


SVIDEO is analog connection even though the video is captrued in SD format. I would recomend a captrue card that has a Svideo connection on it. Usally the captrue card is bundled with software to captrue and maybe a stripped down editor. If your using these videos just for home use I would reccommed Sony vegas Standard w/DVD creation. Runs about 90 bucks. Capture card : make srue the card doesn’t captrue in a propriatry format make srue it captrues in standard SD video the standards are .mov (Quicktime) or AVI-2 .AVI(Windows Media) Captrue card will run about175 Bucks or less depending on other fetrues you want with it. I would recommed Canopus ADVC 55 – Video input adapter – IEEE 1394 (FireWire) – External , you need a firewire port on the computer. If you Dont have one a Fire wire card runs about 25 bucks.

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