svhs Wrote:To show you som


svhs Wrote:

To show you some of the aspects of using that adapter, I’ll quote Mark Shapiro from a good online magazine:
“Telephoto adapters are not all the same. Sometimes they dont fit quite right and when you zoom out to maximum wide angle you may see the sides of the adapter ring. Quality is also an issue. Whenever you add another lens between your subject and the camera, you end up degrading the image, however slight. The cheapest lenses are made of plastic and may unacceptably distort your image. Better lens are made from glass. However, a good glass telephoto adapter may cost more than your camcorder! I recommend taking your camcorder with you and trying different adapters and see what the image looks like. And, if you dont have one already, buy a good tripod while you are at the photo store.”
So the bottom line is you should get the telephoto off when not using zoom, and also get some better stabilizer.

See that’s why i’d like to get the camcorder with 20x zoom.

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