svhs Wrote:But working wit


svhs Wrote:

But working with video is fun anyway, right?

There is nothing in this world that’s as enjoyable and as creative as working with video on one’s own computer. I’ve only been editing and authoring for a little over a year now, which I’m sure is just a flash in the pan compared to the experience of many others.

The first time I captured and edited video, I felt as if some bottled up creativity inside me just exploded. I truly felt like I was doing something that only artistic and technical professionals could do – which was probably true at one time. Authoring and burning a DVD with the final results was simply icing on the cake.

I don’t have professional video equipment by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have a high-end cutting edge computer, and I don’t have the most versatile editing and authoring software. What I do have is the satisfaction of making video the way I want to make it with the tools that I have, which are more than ample for what I want to accomplish. It’s amazing what today’s tools will do.

Anyone who visits these forums is probably someone already doing their own video. How can we share the thrill of video editing with someone who isn’t yet doing their own video, and tell them what they’re missing out on? What a wonderful combination of creativity and consumer technology!

And we’re only scratching the surface of what lies ahead and will be possible in the very near future in the world of computer video editing. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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