Sure! The F-Stop is how fa


Sure! The F-Stop is how far open the iris is/how much light is entering the lens. If you have it set to auto, it will continually adjust itself. It also has to guess what setting to use so it may light the background correctly but not the subject etc. There are times to use auto (like if you are going between differently lit areas quickly) but for the most part, you may want to set it to manual (this does require “babysitting” it to make sure you have enough light or not too much. Does your cam have a zebra pattern? If so you can turn it on to tell you what areas of the screen have too much light and help you remember to adjust it. This is a start but there are alot of other things to keep in mind so check around or search the forum for more stuff on the subject. As far as white balance, the same goes as far as using auto. White balance will determine the “color tone” of the shot. Inside shots tend to look yellower and outside shots tend to look bluer. Set the white balance manually to ensure continuity between shots and make sure the cam doesn’t “guess” wrong. also, the cam probably has presets or the ability to program settings to make sure you use the same from shot to shot. If your shot goes from inside to outside or vise versa, you may want to either use auto or manually adjust mid shot to avoid discoloration.

These are very basic responses to your question (seemed to be what you wanted) so if you need more in depth answers, you can ask or find them here as well.

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