SuperSteve,I’ve had simi



I’ve had similiar intentions as well with my current mac at home. I’ve got a 160GB seagate in there now at it’s nearly full. I’ve considered doing a RAID and adding another 160. To do this with mac or pc you’ll need SATA RAID Controller. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what kind of support for that you’ll find for your laptop. I don’t know though, this is not my area of expertise. You should be able to find some resources online about that.

Doing a RAID is not a bad idea if you intend on going pro in the next couple of years, simply because you’ll probably end up doing some HDV or HD student work sooner or later. Having the throughput (i.e. RAID) for that would be nice, although SD is going to be around for awhile. Nothing like being a starving standard definition student to earn yourself some street cred.


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