Super with a huge department,


Super with a huge department, but don't universities and colleges have this covered in their learning agreements? My old college certainly did. Granting the college Corporation the right to use images collected during college activities. It also 'collected' the rights to any staff and student creations that were created as part of their course or work. This started when video evidence became essential for accurate grading and verification. The only exceptions were when a student has a protection order in force where their likeness was protected by the courts. This just meant blobbing a few faces out. How on earth will you cope with any big event – theatre, music, sports, etc?  Release forms are fine for the public, but students???? Sounds like someboidy has misunderstood the requirements here. It isn't just the 30 release forms, it's what happens with one person who says no when asked. A folder of clips all cleared is one thing, but how about an edit in 4 years time when none of the staff can identify which person is John Smith who said NO! You have a mamoth clerical headache in the making. With 30 people – how do you actually identify them for the records. You are bound to end up with 31 identifiable faces and only 30 names and this will wreck your system. Management of this could well end up as a full time job for multiple people if it is to be accurate and efficient. 

It could be simpler to have a database of all students, faculty and staff and get them to annually confirm their OK sto be in video/stills status, then make a list of those who say no – and then just concentrate on not having them in shots you take? That might be maneageable. You'd probably have their ID photograph on the system, so could have a much shorter list of 'do not shoot' rather than a filing cabinet of OK to shoot for each clip session.

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