Super Panasonic Wrote:debb


Super Panasonic Wrote:

debbyq Wrote:

hi all,
hope someone can help … i am putting together a movie and using a menu … i have scenes before the menu and then the movie after … the 10 plus program will burn the entire film but the menu will not work ,,, any ideas???

I am having the SAME ISSUES. When I’m previewing the film (pre-burn), the menus work, but when I burn the DVD or even when I "Create disc content but don’t burn" in settings, the menu does not work. I behaves as if it is a regular, non-looping video and it does not allow for chapter selection. I’ve been seeking the Pinnacle tech support to no avail . To quote a Geico commercial, "Help me! Somebody help me!"

"Bueller? Any one? Any one?"

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