Stunning pricing, Cstina.


Stunning pricing, Cstina.

Run with it; your hosting service has very open limits. See how long they will allow you to keep those high limits. They say it on their website, so use it and redline your delivery, serve up as much as you can as close to the limits they state. I know some ISPs have very high limits on paper, but if everyone used them, they would use the Comcast type imposed limits X-D

Just 1 more piece of advice; try to make a profitable business out of this. Since you’re only paying $7/month charge your people for your footage and delivery. Let us know how you do; this is a very exciting time, and you’re providing a very valuable service by putting their highlights online. It would be interesting to know how many people switch from your youTube to your own server and how you make out financially. I think what you and people who are thinking like you are doing amazing things, keep it up, this could be a very healthy business for you. If you can get a few hundred for the highlights then you’re paying $7 and charging maybe $100-300 for the month. Once you set this up for one educational institution, shop it around and see if others are willing to do the same with you. When you can get 5 or 10 to do this and pay you for it you’ll be pulling in a few hundred to a few thousand per month, and your main job is conversion and uploads. I encourage you to keep doing this.

I know quite a few people who are saying the video business is getting tight, and they can’t sell as much, and business is down lately. I feel that more video than ever is consumed and can be sold, we just have to change the way we do business. Instead of a pure play, "Here’s the DVD, pay me for each one you want me to create", this open minded kind of thinking by Cstina can generate very healthy revenues. Give away the content and chase the high dollars from people who hire you to create really good content. Well done ! The change in thinking is coming from grass roots efforts like this one.

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