Studio 9 and prior haven’t


Studio 9 and prior haven’t really been up to par with other ConsumerNLE products. The interface has been easier to work with, but the stability issues have really kept the Studio line of products out of most folks NLE line up. I’ve only read a couple of things about Studio 10 and so far it hasn’t been all that bad. Studio 10 uses the same rendering engine that Liquid 6 carries and is a proven performer. The intercae to Studio 10 retains the ease of use and layout the previous products excelled in. It “should” be a really nice match up. I’ve been hearing of a few bugs and think the software came out prematurely. It shouldn’t take too long to work out the bugs and wait on a couple of patches and you very well have a really decent piece of software.

For performance, look at reviews of Liquid Edition 5.5 and 6. That will give you an idea of the render engines stability and how it woks. Go to their consumer web boards and read about the issues Users are having and what’s being done to fix those issues.

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