Steve, You make a valid p



You make a valid point. What it will always come down to is what will a client want to pay and what are their expectations. Videographers who do this for a living will also have to ask them self, how much money do they want to make doing this as well. I may be wrong but most videographers want to make as much as the can. In order to do that they have to use the best technology available so that their finished product looks great. Thats what will separate them form the rest.

If a couple doesnt want to spend a lot of money and/or dont expect too much, then a one-camera shoot edited in Pinnacle will work. But if a couple wants an artistically… very well done video, they wont be getting that from a one-camera shooter and of course they probably wont be paying only $600.00 either. In other words it falls under the old adage, You get what you pay for. There really is no right or wrong way about going about it here. In my experience though, most couples want something done very nice because 9 out of 10 times, they have already seen someone else’s wedding video and they their’s to look like that too.

As far as your overkill comment regarding equipment and software, here again. You get what you pay for! A wedding video will look WAY better using multiple higher end 3CCD cams and edited in higher end editing software such as FCP, APP or Avid. You can just do nicer effects with them.


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