Steve, With a GL2 and no c



With a GL2 and no crew listed; you didn’t have a crew??? Are you telling the whole truth and nothing but, guy ???

Watched on this small screen and audio was not crisp; attribute to my system. Do you have the rights to that blues song ?? Good choice.

Thisis the best piece of traditional film making (short film category) I’ve seen in three years on this forum. By that I mean, you were not relying on special effects, computer hijinks to be your story, smother your story, ormake your story work.Closer to Hitchcock than to Lucas and that’s fine for a lot of us boomers.

Possibly good enough for Canon to be interested in as a marketing tool for their beleaguered GL2, which gets mixed reviews in some parts.

I was a jurist for the DC Shorts Film Fest last year. My jury team wouldhave recommended this for the program. It is stronger than a couple films that got awards last year at this Fest.

The DC Film Fest has started to look for entries for the 2008fest. Check for the criteria on the net. Go For It !!!


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