Steven, if able try switch


Steven, if able try switching to a Double Layer DVD Disc. You can get twice the data on it. the time of 85 minutes is long regardless of file size. The software may be trying to compensate.

Another factor, are you using the computer while it is rendering?
Two ideas.

Render the file FIRST, sometimes people will compile the time line and try burning straight to DVD.The computer then has to render, cache and burn. If you are doing this try rendering to a MPG file first, then bring that file into your DVD authoring software and make your menu’s etc.

Another point, since nearly 100% of CPU and GPU in most OEM systems is used to render, if you are say surfing the net and watching youtube or any other video, the rendering codec must swap back and forth from what you are watching to what you are rendering.

Regardless of the hype of the companies, computers do not do two things at the same time, they just switch from one task to the other in millions of nano seconds. but if you are using the video or music codec’s on the computer at the same time those switches can show up in rendering.

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