SteveMann Wrote:This is a


SteveMann Wrote:

This is a discussion board. People discuss things. People share ideas, techniques, etc. When you invite replies by e-mail, then you’re shutting everyone out of the discussion, so they don’t bother.

I agree. I didn’t think about that. I thought somebody would like to request and receive personal details on e-mail.

SteveMann Wrote:

On your story – focus on a theme or central thought, and let each scene underline or reinforce that theme. But don’t beat the viewer over the head with it.

Thanks for the tip, it’s nicely put!

SteveMann Wrote:

On your CGI (a live television term, by the way), what, exactly are you looking for?

I know it’s a term in TV, I’m a reporter, and actually it’s CG (computer graphics), CGI means Computer Graphical Interface and it’s an IT thing.
What I’m interested in is titles, some subtitles and credits. That’s all. No animations, nothing fancy, probably white on black; this is supposed to be a stern, dramatic video.

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