SteveMann wrote: The heads


SteveMann wrote:

The heads ARE the ink cartridge – how/why do you clean them?

Epson provides a ‘head cleaning’ option their term on their utility panel which clears the nozzles. Specifically, the tip of the nozzle NOT the ink cartridge is the head.

SteveMann is correct as far as the ink drying out and causing clogs. Paper lint, dust and dirt can also contribute to clogs; when combined with dried ink it can do all sorts of funky things to print quality. I would suggest replacing the ink cartridges and then running through 2-3 head cleaning cycles. If that doesnt work then its time for a new printer.

As for using the knock-off brand ink. I have been using Epson color printers since their first one hit the market about 12 or so years back and have used nothing but the knock-off brand ink for the last 5-6 years. I got tired of having to return Epson brand cartridges that were bad out of the box — 2 out of the last 3 that I purchased were dried out when I opened them; in the past year Ive only had 1 knock-off out of 3 dozen or so that was bad. Ive printed everything from CD/DVD covers to reports/presentations to pictures and nobody has complained about the quality and Ive managed to save a small fortune on ink.

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