SteveMann Wrote: Since you


SteveMann Wrote:

Since you cannot buy a true diversity receiver for VHF, they will always be subject to dropouts and hiss.

I generally agree with everything you post but I have to say Hmm…. here? I have been using VHF True Diversity wireless systems for years. I know they were for sale up to about a year ago but maybe you can’t buy them today? I haven’t tried but I know AT, Shure and Samson made them and they worked great. But like you say they share spectrum with TV channels 7 – 13. So you have to pick a frequency that is for a TV channel that isn’t in use in your area. But you don’t want to travel far from home with most of these units because you may move to an area that uses that TV channel. But sometime in 2006 or later, all VHF TV frequencies will be reallocated to non-TV use. So when your TV set quits working on over the air channels 2 through 13, your VHF wireless mic’s will possibly quit working at the same time. At that time some other powerful transmitter may start using your frequency and overwhelm your wimpy wireless transmitter.

I don’t think there is any inherent reason for VHF to have more hiss than UHF. A good quality VHF system should not add any more hiss than a good quality UHF system. Hiss level pretty much depends on the quality of your receiver, not VHF vs. UHF. At least that is my experience in using both types over the past 20 years. UHF hasn’t been around quite 20 years yet or at least nobody that I knew could afford one. But UHF is the way of the future. Prices have really dropped.

I just bought 2 new Audio Technica UHF true diversity (AT1451) lavalier systems for my church for $200 each. I only had to add a $75 clip-on mic to make each one totally functional. They are rock solid with no detectable hiss that I can hear in the recordings. But they wouldn’t work for portable video because the receivers are 60hz AC powered.

Our older VHF Audio Technica true diversity system didn’t have any hiss either but it’s body pack transmitter developed a loud pop when it was powered OFF so I retired it and will try to fix it when I have some time.


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