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I have had something similar happen to me a long time ago only the picture frame area would turn green instead of showing the actual image. What I found out back then was if I was using a lot of hi-res JPEG pictures, PPro was having memory issues in trying to display all of them correctly. It then seems like when I was trying to render the timeline the green image would be rendered instead of the actual picture image. The only way I got rid of the green window was to delete the picture from the timeline and then delete all of the accumulated rendered files from the menu up on top. Then I would start dropping the pictures down again on the timeline and it seemed to work.

If you are dealing with less than 1 GIG of RAM and your are dealing with 100 or more JPEG pictures, that could be your problem. I have since then increased to 2 GIG of RAM and I try and not go over 100 pictures (if they are hi-res) per a timeline. If I need more room, I would create another project and continue on there. Then all I do is render out the timeline to an AVI and combine everything to get the final result. Im not saying that this will work for you but its worth a try if nothing else.

Doing some HD maintenance wont hurt either. Try running DEFRAG after you delete the rendered files will help too.


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