Steve – I’m sure a few o


Steve –

I’m sure a few of the "professional" wedding videographers will jump in here too but just remember you are playing with someones memories here. If you screw this up there will be bad karma coming your way forever!

I consider myself a capable but very inexperienced amateur videographer (have done my own wedding plus one for a friend, plus lots of stuff for work and NPO’s) and there are many things that I continue to learn on a daily basis. Also realize that I come from a professional photographer background (had several front page major market newspaper photos). I tell you these things because I would not consider at this point taking someone’s money to video their wedding – Just too many things that can go wrong with my sub-professional camera (you really do get what you pay for) and lack of experience here.

If you really want to do this, I would suggest going along as a third camera on a very experienced videograher’s gig for a few months (for free) just to really learn the ropes, then getting a reasonable camera (even a used VX2100 would suffice) and doing low budget weddings while reading and reading and reading some more to hone your skills.

Just MHO. Good luck.


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