Step by Step. Film it onto


Step by Step. Film it onto a small heavy matt photo paper, not glossy. Best is smooth cloth, must be very fne fibre and very smooth. Image max size 10 inches wide. Best is 5-6 inches. Build a black cardboard box, project into it with the inside sides painted FLAT black. Connect to the photo paper screen at the end a long piece of cardboard , like a handle so you can gently pull the bottom towards you a bit to angle it, or push it back slightly. Aim your project STRAIGHT on – if it is tilted even a bit, the edges will be slightly out of focus. Aim the Digital camera as close to the projector line of sight as possible. Set up your capture program and view it. Now set your camer on AUTO FOCUS. Attach a piece of printed paper to a long stick. Shine some light into your long box 1 ft wide, 1 foot high and 2 1/2 feet long with the photo paper taped onto the other end facing the camera dn projector. Push the stick up against the screen with the camera on, let is focus. Now turn off the focus. Put it on MANUAL while it is still focusing on it. Take out the piece of paper with print on it you used to focus the camera. Now run your film thru. Constantly adj the speed of the projector to minimize the white flutter. OR – take off the back cover of the projector and spray slick 50 air grease onto the gears. That will help it run smooth. LEAVE it on MANUAL FOCUS. When done and in PC, run an AUTO LEVEL filter through it immediately. This will get rid of some of the white flutter. That is as good as you will get using telecine and a cheap regular projector.
See – they have a tutorial that is no BS and straigh forward. You can print it.

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