“Stay away from loans….”


“Stay away from loans….”

Amen to that brother! I also agree with TD. Most folks starting out are looking at a 1 camera setup so you can shave some cash off your initial estimate. Akido you also forgot; camera bag, various connector cables and adapters, external hard drives (for editing and storage), a UV filter to protect your lens and an all-too-important website to showcase your work.

The hard part isn’t starting a business, it’s staying in business. Grinner’s right about how it’s challenging to get old school pricing, but video/film production is still a highly skilled profession and if potential clients want work done better than a ‘YouTube’ special, they’re going to have to pay for it. Unfortunately, just starting out you’re going to have to ‘work cheap’ and then charge accordingly as your skill level and rep grows.

My first year of doing big gigs paid off my first four years of ‘hobbling along’. Tough an industry as it is I love it. The production biz is one of the few gigs that if you do things right the first time, you can get paid forever.

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