Started on Pinnacle Studio


Started on Pinnacle Studio 7 through to 9 and made the jump to Liquid 7 pro, this I found pretty good as it seemed to have everthing I needed ie unlimited time line, fx effects, titler, dvd burning including isco file maker as stated above, also you didn’t need to buy a new card with it with every upgrade as with adobe at the time. A friend who is a pro camera operator his camera is an sony xd cam and he uses vegas, convinced me to change to Vegas as he wanted me to help with his editing and made it easier with the file sharing. I must admit I enjoy working with Vegas, I like the big sound tracks on the time line and you can just about throw a brick at it and it will play it which is a lot more than I can say about Liquid but I do miss Liguids titler, smartsounds ability to make isco files and its ability to save the work as you go. I started on Vegas Pro 10 it is very good and stable, I am now using veas 11, the ealier version is a bit unstable, each time I tried to use the stabilizer the vegas would crash. I Am now using the later version and there is no problems.

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