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Sports highlight videos is one of our products. Our product has helped many student athletes receive college scholarships for their respective sports. Our primary area is football and basketball. Anyone can make sports highlight videos but…not every sports highlight video is a sports highlight video. If your plan is to make sports videos for the pleasure of the athlete’s family and friends that’s fairly easy and straight forward. To make sports videos that a coach or student athlete can send to a college coach or recruiter is a whole different thing. There are many aspects of the video college coachesrecruiters look for. For example – if the video sent is full of fancy video effects and music that overpowers – it will never get past the first screening by the assistant coaches or the recruiters. You have to know what is neededimportant for each sport – and you have to highlight the student athlete in such a way that showcases their skill without being overpowering. I have done sports videos for almost 25 years for both high school and college sports and now we also broadcast sporting events – it would be very difficult for you to get into one of the schools I service if for no other reason than I know almost all of the coaches and or their respective staffs which gives me a leg up on the competition.

If you are going to do it just for family and friends (feel good videos) – things are much easier but you still need to know the sports and what makes the video interesting to watch. Just adding a title pageintroduction and then an hour of game film is boring and you will not get much repeat business. If you just plan to make a little extra money it’s not a bad way to make some but if you plan to make it a fulltime endeavor you have to do all the things that any other business would be required to do – plan, market and execute to plan.

Our setup at a game is as follows: If we are not broadcasting we normally have 1-3 cameras shooting the game. For example 1 camera pointed at each end zone and 1 mid field (for football) and basketball 1 at each end of the court and 1 mid court we always have a mid-field or mid-court camera. Most schools will not allow you down on the field and for making highlight films its best not to be directly on the sideline. Our mid field camera is normally in or on top of the press box and our end zone cameras are normally in the corners of the highest point of the stands. If we are broadcasting the game we have a minimum of 3 cameras shooting the game. Most high schools do not require press credentials for regular season games however post season games require press credentials which are normally issued by the sponsoring High School Sports Association. College games are a completely different animal – if it is NCAA you need credentials to get into film and will need licensing to be able to sell the video (especially if it is an NCAA sanctioned game). Another consideration is even in youth sports such as Pop Warner and Little League require some type of credentials to be on the sideline or field to film.

There is much to know and learn – my recommendation would be to do your homework, make the right connections with coaches, schools, youth sports organizations, know the sports you will be videoing, and find a niche that no one else is servicing. For sure know what is expected what you think is great video may be at the opposite end of what the coach or student athlete expected.

Good luck and if you have questions let me know.

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